Here you will find stories of past expeditions, testimonials, news about our fundraising events and information about the benefits of therapeutic adventure.

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So long, Marc-André!

It is with great sadness that we were informed that Marc-André Galbrand was leaving the On the Tip of the Toes Foundation. As a project officer, he was able to … Continued

Les deux équipes gagnantes s'entraident avec les rabaska

Win together or lose together!

Not knowing the time can sometimes be disorienting. This morning, participants wondered if they were not being wakened up in the middle of the night. Indeed, I must admit that … Continued

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Good Day, Sunshine!

Our team wakes up once more to the sweet melody of Catherine and Marc-André’s guitar and ukulele. The night in the tent was great! Everyone enjoyed sleeping and waking up … Continued

Antoine sert la soupe

Fog and Gastronomy

This morning, adventurers had the pleasure of realizing that their traditional alarm clock / cell phone ringer had turned into a sweet song performed by the duo of the day … Continued


Farewell Poisson blanc!

This morning, Catherine joined Marc-André to form a super duet. Their voices intertwine in unison with a guitar and a ukulele to wake the sleeping camp up. The feeling from … Continued